Five Books of Moses, by Sol Scharstein


Sol Scharfstein’s new translation of the Torah (The Five Books of Moses) is for readers of all ages. It conveys the content of the Five Books of Moses in language that is easy to read and understand. The message of the Bible is ageless, but for full comprehension, it must be presented in language suited to the time and place of the reader. Scharfstein’s fluent, idiomatic translation does exactly this – replacing the ancient robes of 4,000 years ago in which the Torah was given on Sinai with up-to-date garments of the 21st century that preserve its inner essence but make it familiar and “user-friendly.” The weekly readings and their divisions are all clearly designated, and each book of the Torah is preceded by a brief introduction that explains its most important aspects. In addition, a full color 32 page illustrated essay gives a full account of the place of the Torah in Judaism and in the synagogue service. Hardcover, 534 pages, isbn 0881258539

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