Jewish Wedding

We have been selling Judaica and Ketubahs since 1991 in our store, The Golden Dreidle. Our love of working with our community and helping people with their simchas’ over the years has given us experience and an understanding of how to be creative, and to take care of customer’s needs. We work directly with our artists and have a great relationship with them, so we know how to deliver a personalized ketubah with circumstances. This has given us a reputation over the years for knowing how to accommodate our couples.

Golden Dreidle offers an extensive selection of wedding Judaica with on time delivery, rush orders, talented ketubah artists, same-sex ketubahs, interfaith ketubahs, papercut ketubahs, traditional ketubahs, anniversary ketubahs, Leiberman Clause ketubhas, and custom texts! also offers great choices of Kiddush cups appropriate for under the Chuppah, an amazing selection of Groom’s Glasses for breaking and wonderful selection of choices to feature those broken shardz for after the wedding.