Nothing makes a Jewish wedding ceremony more joyous and memorable than personalized Ketubahs designed by the most gifted Ketubah artists with extreme attention to detail and keen eye for aesthetics. One can also get an interfaith Ketubah made that will include modern Ketubah text in English to be part of the beautiful interfaith marriage ceremony. Among other unique and creative Jewish weddings items, the Ketubah store also has amazing products such as the anniversary Ketubah to not only make the wedding a blessed event, but also celebrate the years of togetherness and love.

Golden Dreidle knows how to work with you, the wedding couple, to create a Ketubah that will become a center focal point in your lives. A ketubah just doesn’t hang on a wall and look pretty, it reflects the love and vows you have made and desires for your new life. A ketubah is a contract in Jewish tradtition, but it also is a reflection of your commitment, religious traditions that will be observed, the hope of children and the joy of family.