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The Golden Dreidle

Turtledove Ketubah, by Mickie Caspi

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Size: 19 3/4" x 25 1/2"
Medium: Lithograph

Two turtledoves representing devotion and faithfulness, are perched on grape vines, symbols of peace and abundance. Quotes from the biblical love poem, the Song of Songs, are delicately written in gold foil calligraphy.

For a spellbindingly beautiful Ketubah that represents the devotion and faithfulness of the bride to her groom, the turtle dove Ketubah includes the Lieberman clause. The turtle doves are shown to be perched on grape vines to symbolize peace and abundance. The Ketubah also includes quotes from the biblical love poem, the Song of Songs, delicately inscribed in gold foil calligraphy.

Available in All Texts Rush Orders Welcome (no fees) Hand-Calligraphy Personalization

Shipping: $18

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