Latke, The Lucky Dog, by Ellen Fischer


A rescue dog, named for his fur’s resemblance to potato pancakes, is having a rough time making the transition to his new home after he is rescued from a shelter by a family as a Hanukkah gift. Latke doesn’t just eat all the actual latkes, he slobbers on the gelt and chews up the menorah candles. “I’m the right dog,” he thinks. “I love it here. I just need to learn the rules.” By the eighth night, Latke has his head in the game and feels secure in his family’s love. Beeke’s (Some Bunny To Talk To) sprightly illustrations keep the mood of Fischer’s (If an Armadillo Went to a Restaurant) story light even in Latke’s darkest moments, but not having the humans take any responsibility for training him feels like a missed opportunity. Ages 2–7.  Paperack, 32 pages, isbn 9780761390398

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