Chanukah Lights, by Michael J. Rosen


From a pop-up master and an acclaimed poet and author comes a glorious celebration of the true spirit of Chanukah. Open this beautiful gift book and follow the Festival of Lights through place and time — from Herod’s temple to a shtetl in Russia; from a refugee ship bound for the New World to an Israeli kibbutz. Inspired by Michael J. Rosen’s reverent poem, Robert Sabuda’s striking pop-ups depict each night’s menorah in a different scene, using imagery such as desert tents, pushcart lanterns, olive trees, and a final panorama of skyscrapers. Sure to be a treasured family heirloom, this stunning collaboration showcases the spirit and resilience of a people in search of home. This is no ordinary pop-up book; open a page and the setting springs into three dimensions, a ship, a temple, street scenes from around the world of the Jewish diaspora. Each of Hanukkah’s eight days has its own spread. Sabuda’s intricate and inventive paper engineering is a little miracle in keeping with the miraculous oil of the event that Hanukkah commemorates. Rosen’s text is in the shade of the white paper architecture, but the theme of the enduring spirit of Judaism emerges. A stunning achievement. Hardcover, 16 pages, isbn 9780763655334

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