Kosher by Design Lightens Up, by Susie Fishebein


Fishbein’s (Passover by Design) cookbook grabs many global recipes and adds a kosher and healthier twist. It’s stocked with fabulous photography to complement the straightforward and easy-to-follow kosher recipes, with small but clear fonts and well-organized ingredient listings and directions. The book begins with helpful sections on the definitions of health/nutrition buzzwords and phrases, ideas for entertaining, and gadgets that assist with a more wholesome diet plan. Although each recipe lists whether it is meat, parve, or dairy, Fishbein does not include nutritional information, which would be helpful. The book serves as a lovely and thoughtful hostess gift for people who are either kosher or changing their diet. Recommended for public libraries looking to diversify or increase their special cuisines sections. Hardcover, 336 pages, isbn 9781578191173

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