New York Times Passover Cookbook


For more than 25 years, The New York Times has been publishing kosher recipes for Passover from chefs, writers, and home cooks around the country in its celebrated food section. Now, for the first time, those recipes have been collected in a wonderfully diverse new volume, just in time for this year’s seder. Publishers Weekly Passover is celebrated at the table with ritual words and food; this serious new collection does justice to both. And as Amster, a regular contributor to the New York Times food pages, points out, there’s another tradition associated with Passover. Every year, home cooks eagerly await recipes, conforming with the holiday’s dietary restrictions, published in the Times. The 175 recipes reprinted from cookbooks by the paper’s well-known food writers, as well as by celebrated chefs, range from the traditional to the innovative and are drawn from European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern traditions. Anne Rosenzwieg offers a haroseth recipe that uses rhubarb. The section on gefilte fish includes Wolfgang Puck’s variation, served in cabbage leaves, and Barbara Kafka’s version, prepared in the microwave. In addition, Amster imparts seven ways to roast a chicken, including Chicken Breasts with Green Olives and Tomatoes. Paul Prudhomme serves up his Veal Roast with Mango Sauce, a dish he prepared in Jerusalem in honor of the city’s 3000th anniversary. Nathan’s knowledgeable foreword describes dietary restrictions and offers definitions and explanations of the symbolism behind the food. Taken together, Amster has produced what may be the definitive word in Passover cookbooks, from recipes to the feelings evoked by sitting at a beautifully set, bountifully laden table. Hardcover, 352 pages, isbn 9780688155902

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