Hamsas & Wall Art

The Hamsa (Chamsa) is considered the Hand of G-d, like G-d is watching over you.  Hamsa, from the Semitic root meaning "five", is a hand-shaped amulet either worn or posted as a wall hanging in a house or business, to ward off the Evil Eye. 

Hamsa’s come in all shapes and sizes; from necklaces, rings, bracelets, wall hangings,  and even sculptures.  There are Hamsa’s with Baby Blessing’s, Home Blessings, Business Blessings and even Health Blessing’s.

Some of our customers even have Hamsa Collections and display them either throughout their home or one designated wall. 

Some Hamsas have an eye in the center depicting that G-d is watching over you, while others will have just designs, but they all have the same overall meaning, "G-d is watching over you."

Check out our wonderful collection of designer Wall Hamsas and Sculptures for your home or a wonderful wedding or house warming gift. 

Hamsa Jewelry make fantastic Bat Mitzvah, Conversion, Birthday, or Mother’s Day gifts.  GoldenDreidle.com has a full collection for any occasion.

Representing the Hand of G-d, hand amulets, known variously as "the Hand of Miriam", "the Hand of Fatima", and "the Hand of Mary", have been long been used in Mediterranean cultures.  Although Muslims named the Hamsa after Fatima, the  tradition predates Islam by 1,000  

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