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Jerusalem Courtyard Ketubah, by Naomi Teplow

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Size: 19 1/2" x 22"
Medium: Giclee

The Jerusalem Courtyard Ketubah uses elements typical to many Persian miniatures, which Naomi cites as the primary influence on her art. The strong colors, the geometrical and floral designs in juxtaposition with natural and architectural elements; the detailed depiction of flora and fauna -- these are the things Naomi delights in most when painting her Ketubot. In this painting in particular, the viewer is invited to enter into an imaginary, yet rather realistic, three-dimensional space in the city of Jerusalem, where the colorful tiles and stained-glass windows suggest love for beauty and harmony, and the fruits and flowers of Israel suggest richness, abundance and fruitfulness. In the distance, the Western Wall as a symbol of the eternal yearning of the Jewish people for its source, its history and its heritage. Hidden among these details are a few elements which represent Naomi's deep hope for Jerusalem to become 'Ir Shalom', a City of Peace, where the three major monotheistic religions, as representing all people and all nations, live together in peace and harmony.

Personalization by Naomi is Required

Minimum 3 Weeks for Personalization Preferred

Shipping: $18

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