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The Golden Dreidle

Green Waterfall Ketubah, by Nishima Kaplan

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Size: 19" x 24"

This lush “Green Waterfall” calls you higher and higher as streams of water flow, never-ending, all the way to the sea. Hiking up, gazing down, being enraptured by the details of moss and stone and plants, this day will remain in your shared memories forever. The torn paper landscape collage is constructed from various art papers that are torn, applied and layered onto board. The process is intensely meditative for the artist. She begins with an image and an idea in mind. No sketches are done prior to beginning and no instruments other than the artist’s hand are used to tear the paper. Sudden inspirations, “accidents” and the natural beauty of the paper are allowed to “create” the design, using the artist as the vessel of expression. Spontaneous, creative, mystical – the words used to describe the process of creating this torn paper ketubah also describe the people who love it.

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