New Union Haggahdah


The New Union Haggadah, Revised Edition/ A Contemporary revision of the 1923 Union Haggadah.  Rabbi Howard A. Berman, Consulting Editior.  Sponsored by the Society by the Society Classical Reform Judaism and published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis/ Originally published in 1923, The Union Haggadah served as the cherished seder companion for generations of American Jews.  This new edition preserves the best of this classic Haggadah’s approach to the Reform liturigcal heritage, while providing accessible text and rititual for today’s Jewish families and thier guests.  Parts of ritual that were excluded from the 1923 edition, like welcoming Elijah, have been reclaimed.  Aspects of more recent ritual development, like Miriam’s Cup, have been added, along with new essays by contemporary scholars. 

The New Union Haggadah, Revised Edition both preserves the literary beauty and the broad, univeralistic spirit of the 1923 edition and incorporates it’s own original artwork. 

Updates include:
*Full transliteration
*Inclusive language
*Miriam’s Cup ritual
*New essays by leading scholars
*Hardcover, 110pages, isbn 9780881232189

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