Apple Honey Pot with Spoon-Gold, by Michael Aram


The Fruit Collection offers an interesting range of items for the home. Each can stand on its own as a simple and charming sculptural object that’s perfect for oneself or as a gift. The fact that they also have a functional purpose in our daily lives makes them even more special. 

“I have a particular love of fruits and their symbolism. They are like gifts from nature, coming down from the tree ready to nourish us. Their ripened shapes are already evocative of vessels. My apple has an arrow shaped spoon piercing it just as a gentle reference to the story of William Tell. The apple is more traditionally symbolic of love, fertility, even temptation. For me, it will also represent the city I love – New York.”  Pot 3.5″W x 4″L x 4.5″H, Spoon 4.5″L; Nickelplate, Oxidized, Enamel


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