Spin The Dreidel, by Alexandra Cooper


Celebrate Chanukah and play the dreidel game! Spin the dreidel and see where it lands. Nun, gimel, hey, and shin — who will win? Give it a spin! This sturdy book has a built in dreidel. The basics of how it is used to play a game are explained, and it is clear that the kids are having fun. Chocolate covered in gold foil serves as the coins used to play the game and the happy winner can take it all. The rhyming text will appeal to the younger set—it isn’t great poetry, but it scans well. The last page recaps the significance of Chanukah and the miracle that took place more than 2,000 years ago when the Maccabees defeated the Greeks and reclaimed the Temple and lit the menorah. Oil that was only supposed to last for one day lasted for eight—the amount of time it took to get a new supply. Board Book, ages 3 to 6, isbn 9780689864308

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