Siddur Sim Shalom – Shabbat, Festivals & Weekdays


“Siddur Sim Shalom” is a traditional Jewish prayerbook, which contains prayers for weekdays, Shabbat, and the festivals. It also contains services for other events such as Birkat HaMazon (Grace after meals). This is the official Siddur of the Conservative movement. The text is nearly the same as that of Orthodox siddurim, but the references to the Temple and animal sacrifices have been changed, so that the text recalls the glory of the ancient Temple service, yet stresses that in our day it is ethical living, following the will of God, and repentance that bring salvation, not animal sacrifice. Its extensive introduction explains what changes exist, and the rationale behind them. In my mind, this may well be the best prayerbook available by any of the Jewish movements. 880 pages

Size: 9.5″ x 6.5″

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