Interlinear Pirkei Avos Leatherette Pocket Edition


Study Pirkei Avos/Ethics of the Fathers the new way — word by beautiful word.

With interlinear translation, Pirkei Avos is easier than ever to study on every level. As the English translation of every Hebrew word is directly on the line below it, there is no need to interrupt your concentration trying to correlate Hebrew passages with long English paragraphs.

The magnificent words of the Mishnah flow into your mind effortlessly, allowing the beauty of the passages to speak directly to you. Now you can clearly understand the classic wisdom of the Sages as they impart lessons that can fulfill your life.

This pocket size edition includes Bircas Hamazon – perfect to take wherever you go.  Paperback, 4″ x 6″, 128 pages, isbn 9781422600443

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