Tikkun: Kestenbaum Edition, Full Size Hardcover


Includes the entire Chumash, the Haftaros, and the Five Megillos, in newly set Torah script – but there is much, much more! This is a Tikkun like none other! For the Bar Mitzvah boy or the experienced baal korei, this will be the Tikkun of choice! Of course, like other Tikkuns it has the column of script as it appears in the Sefer Torah, and next to it is the same Torah column with vowels, trop, verse numbers – everything the experienced baal korei or novice needs. But this Tikkun is unique – not only in the quality of its presentation, but in these many new features: Facing the Tikkun page is an English translation and a concise new commentary of Scriptural songs, dotted letters, and so on Laws and customs of the Torah reading Bar Mitzvah Anthology with the laws and meaning of tefillin and the halachic customs of the Bar Mitzvah There is no better Pre-Bar Mitzvah Gift – but it’s thoughtful and useful for anyone with a love of the Torah reading and a desire to understand it better. And – this is a gift for a lifetime, because its usefulness never ends. Hardcover, 760 pages, isbn 9781578193134

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