Starlight and Candles, The Joy of Sabbath, by Fran Manushkin


This affectionate look at the traditions of the Sabbath follows a family through the hectic preparations to the peaceful time of the Sabbath itself–a time for dinner with the family, stories from grandparents, attendance at the Synagogue. Three stars in the sky signal the end of the Sabbath, but the children know there will be another one–forever and ever. Full color. Children’s Literature Here’s a modern family following the ancient Jewish traditions for celebrating the Sabbath as a time of quiet, reflection, and study. And, if the characters have been painted with broadly idealized strokes, it’s okay, because we enjoy their happiness, and family tranquillity; and we learn about their weekly Jewish holiday as well. One of the characters says that on the Sabbath, “God doesn’t want us to change the world-only to admire it.” Similarly, it could be said of this book; the reader doesn’t necessarily have to believe in this particular family to admire and luxuriate in their celebration. Hardcover, 40 pages, isbn 9780689802744

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