Sammy Spider’s First Sukkot, by Sylvia A. Rouss


Your favorite spider learns about building a sukkah, an outdoor house, for the holiday of Sukkot—the latest book in this winning series from Kar-Ben. Add to that the fact that this is a directional concept book and you will agree—this is likely to become a must for the young story lovers in your life. From inside the house, Sammy notices that squirrels are scampering up and down the trees, from above to below, and that Josh and his father are hammering wooden beams together. Of course Sammy asks his mother: “What are they making?” and then “Can we celebrate Sukkot, too?” And of course his mother answers the beloved refrain, “Silly little Sammy…Spiders don’t celebrate Sukkot. Spiders spin webs.” So we are off on another romp with the clever arachnid as we learn about the holiday when the ancient Israelites gathered in their harvest while dwelling in temporary huts in the field. The colorful fabric and paper collage pictures are irresistible and fully enjoyed because we are constantly searching for Sammy up or down, inside or outside, above or below as the sukkah takes shape. Good for any time of the year, but definitely a must for the Sukkot holiday. Paperback, 32 pages, isbn 978158013083

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