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Operation Maccabee

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In 1944 as the Allies fought their way to Germany, the third Reich, issued their plan for the Final Solution to destroy all the Jews and other prisoners in their concentration camps. Allied intelligence agencies intercepted transmissions of this plan and launched a top secret covert operation to liberate these camps before the Nazis enacted their evil plan. Now you must lead an elite squad of commandos from four of the allied countries: USA, UK, USSR & France. Avoid Nazi Patrols and find supplies like grenades and assistance from dead-eye resistance snipers as you sneak behind enemy lines to assault these concentration camps and liberate the prisoners from these terrible atrocities. Each Game Contains: 1 Game Board 1 Assault Area 2 Deluxe Dreidels 4 Hex Map Squad Markers (USA, UK, USSR France) 8 USA Commandos 8 UK Commandos 8 USSR Commandos 8 French Commandos 9 Nazi Guards 30 Action cards 11 Concentration Camps Tiles to Liberate Publisher Blurb: Players can play as either the USA, UK, USSR or France. Each country has a unique starting position on the hex map board and starts with a specific set of starting powers. Players then spin the dreidel to determine movement points for the turn and can move anywhere on the hex map within range of their points. Different terrains require different numbers of points to move onto, need special equipment (acquired through action cards) to cross or contain potential Nazi ambushes where the players' commandos can get wounded. Players can also play certain action cards to increase movement for the turn as well as find more action cards depending on their spin. Players transverse the board in order to land on the concentration camps. Once a player lands on one they may assault it and attempt to liberate it. The assault action takes place inside the box top assault area which has a 3 layered target in the center of a concentration camp. Nine Nazi guards are set up on the German crosses on the outer edge of the target. Then the player gets to spin the dreidel starting within the inner most circle of the target for each active commando they have. The player gets to take one shot or dreidel spin per commando they have that is not wounded attempting to knock over the Nazi guards. The result of the spin can either kill more Nazis, allow a player to draw more action cards or one of their commandos might get wounded. Players may also play action cards like grenades or snipers to attempt to kill more guards during the assault by lobbing or tossing the dreidel into the assault area. If they knock over all nine guards they liberate the camp and free the prisoners. On the back side of the camp tile there are two values. The first is the number of prisoners they freed and the second is the number of extra actions cards they may draw. Once all 11 camps are freed the player who has freed the most prisoners wins. Between battles players can move to Resistance Bases to heal commandos and get more equipment / action cards.

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