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On Shabbat, by Cathy Goldberg Fishman

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Every Friday afternoon, as her father comes home with a bouquet of flowers and two loaves of fresh-baked challah bread, a young girl knows it's time for Shabbat, the most important Jewish holiday. Shabbat celebrates the day God rested after creating the heavens, the Earth, and everything on it. On Shabbat, her family lights the Shabbat candles and invites the Shabbat Queen to come into her house. They sing songs, receive blessings from each other, and have a special meal. The next morning, they worship at the synagogue, and in the afternoon, they study the Torah and play games. When they see three stars in the sky, it is time for the Havdalah ceremony, which ends Shabbat, and a new week begins. Cathy Goldberg Fishman's warm text and Melanie W. Hall's bright, sensitive paintings introduce young readers to the rituals of this weekly holiday. Hardcover, 40 pages, isbn 0689838948

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