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Op Art Ketubah I, by TINAK

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Size: 16" x 24"
Medium: Giclee

Optical Art isn’t for everyone: many people just don’t get it. But those who love it, really love it. Op Art is centered around the artist giving you illusions of what’s not there — movement, waving, or depth, for example — and this, indeed, is the heart of art: showing one thing but implying something much more powerful.

The Op Art Ketubah is playfully fun in this sort of way, giving different people from different angles different interpretations of what’s happening in this modern Ketubah. This is a metaphor of the text of the Ketubah itself, which can be, and has been, interpreted in many different ways to mean many different things. A marriage is a set of obligations and rights — and we can make of it what we will!

Available in All Texts
Easy Personalization
Text Proof Provided
Minimum 3 weeks Preferred
Easy Custom Text

Shipping: $18

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