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Lover's Sunset Ketubah, by TINAK

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Size: 12" x 24"
Medium: Giclee

Dusk is, for our artists, the most powerful time of day: when the bright lights of the day fade into the blackness of the night, when the naive sunshine turns into the cynical night. It is the moment when two worlds meet, when light and dark fight for dominance — two worlds merging, with all of its good and bad, in the same way that two worlds, those of each partner, meet when two people commit their lives to each other. 

The Lovers’ Sunset is perfect for the same sex couple who wants to acknowledge their changing and merging worlds together, with all of the good and bad that it entails — in a direct and honest way. The Lovers’ Sunset is for the calm couple that is preparing for the next stage of their lives together. 

Available in All Texts
Easy Personalization
Text Proof Provided
Minimum 3 weeks Preferred
Easy Custom Text

Shipping: $18

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