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Land of Ochre Ketubah, by TINAK

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Size: 16" x 24"
Medium: Giclee

With deep, rich tones and a gorgeous design this work of art truly glows with warmth and love! The Land Of Ochre Ketubah displays a simple, yet stunningly powerful abstract design. The Ketubah text illuminated against the soft gold hues contrasts beautifully with the darker reds and browns, creating an almost vintage style feel to this modern Ketubah. Lovers of vintage style, wether it’s an old book, a classic worn in sweater, or a good aged wine, will fall head-over-heels in love with this Ketubah! The Land Of Ochre Ketubah is perfect for the couple searching for a work of art that doesn’t just compliment their style, but their relationship and life together. This Ketubah will convey the depth of your love and beautifully commemorate the Ketubah tradition.

Available in All Texts
Easy Personalization
Text Proof Provided
Minimum 3 weeks Preferred
Easy Custom Text

Shipping: $18

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