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Entwined Trees Ketubah, by TINAK

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Size: 16" x 24"
Medium: Giclee

If TINAK could make a claim to its’ own unique artistic style, this Ketubah would definitely be it! Classic design, subtle romanic themes, and of course, tons of vibrant colors. The Entwined Trees Ketubah exhibits two gorgeous trees, interlocking and weaving branches. The warmer and cooler colors blend and flow together to create a beautiful contrast, while the white Ketubah text to the side truly glows against the backdrop of the overall design. The Entwined Trees Ketubah is the perfect reflection of sharing and creating a life together, as one. This design is for the couple who is not just searching for a stunning work of art, but wants something that will represent their life and relationship for years to come. This Ketubah will be a beautiful reminder of the daily joy you bring one another, and what it truly means to learn and grow each day with your soulmate and love of your life!

Available in All Texts
Easy Personalization
Text Proof Provided
Minimum 3 weeks Preferred
Easy Custom Text

Shipping: $18

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