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Bold Geo Ketubah, by TINAK

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Size: 16" x 24"
Medium: Giclee

There’s something truly stunning and unique about modern architectural design. Wether it’s the clean minimal lines, or creative bends and shapes, these modern masterpieces truly take on a life of their own — bringing character and personality to wherever they are born. With a geometrical design and vibrant stunning colors, The Bold Geo Ketubah was created and inspired by the beauty of modern architecture, and the ability it has to be a contradiction of itself, both simple and complex. The Bold Geo Ketubah exhibits a busy geometric design with a simple linear structure, colored vibrantly and beautifully. This work of art is perfect for the couple that loves sleek, minimalist style and are searching for a modern Ketubah that is truly bold and contemporary. This modern Ketubah will look beautiful as the centerpiece of your home — a symbol of your love and meaningful commitment to one another

Available in All Texts
Easy Personalization
Text Proof Provided
Minimum 3 weeks Preferred
Easy Custom Text

Shipping: $18

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