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Circle of Time Ketubah, by Naomi Teplow

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Size: 18 1/4" x 18 1/4"
Medium: Giclee

In this Ketubah, the text, representing the marriage, is in the center, surrounded by three circles of Time: night and day, the months, and the four seasons. Time passes, the seasons flow, everything around us turns and changes with the vicissitudes of life, but the union established in marriage, the creation of a new, loving family and home, provide stability, steadfastness and strength. The seasons, flowing and merging into each other between the four corners of the painting, show the yearly cycle of spring flowers budding and blossoming, summer fruits swelling with richness and juice, autumn leaves turning from fresh green to fall flames, and finally, winter's bare branches covered with frost.

Personalization by Naomi is Required

Minimum 3 Weeks for Personalization Preferred

Shipping: $18

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