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Water Lily Ketubah, by Nava Shoham

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Medium: Giclee

Water Lily Flower symbolism: Purity of the heart. Nava Shoham has created an exotic garden with flowing water, a scene that combines elements of Moorish Celtics & Asian styles in this ketubah, with an interlaced love of Celtic weaving designs-the knot of love along with Chinese motifs. Situated at the top on each side of the canopy are Chinese peaches- a symbol of marriage, springtime, immortality, and long life.

Next to the peaches, in blue tones, on each side, a Chinese 'Water Lily', bats and coins-symbol of purity, long life and wealth. The top knot circle, is a sun flower. It reflects over the garden with its strength, energy, and vibrancy to life.

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