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Evening of Roses Ketubah, by Nishima Kaplan

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Size: 17" x 26"
Medium: Giclee

A warm summer evening, heady with the scent of wine-red roses. Overhead, the midnight-blue sky glitters with stars. Candlelight reflects off your faces as you begin your first dance together. The tinkling of water in a nearby fountain merges with the gentle chords of your musicians' instruments. Your guests hold their breath, taking in the magical moment. All the months of preparation and worry are over. The rings have been exchanged, your vows spoken; your lives joined as one. Now it is your time. Nothing else exists on this Evening of Roses, but you and your Love. Fifth in Nishima Kaplan's "Song of Songs" series, "Evening of Roses" is a timeless celebration of that perfect night of stars and roses, candlelight and new beginnings.

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