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Ayalot Papercut Ketubah, by Danny Azoulay

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Size: 27 1/4" x 16"
Medium: Giclee 

The quiet symmetry of the Ayalot (Deer) ketubah, by Israeli artist Danny Azoulay, bestows a sense of calm, the paper cut is intricate and delicate. The gentle deer, symbolic of love and grace are in their element. They repose under fanciful trees resplendent with flowers and birds. Above, the sky is composed of an interlocking pattern of the Star of David.

"Ani li dodi v'dodi li,/ I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" from the Song of Songs is inscribed under a canopy of myrtle leaves, symbolizing love. At the top, a golden menorah celebrates the light of the Torah, illuminating the world with its great wisdom. The harmonious palette strengthens the sense of tranquility, while the 24-karat gold leaf embellishment quietly enhances this exquisite ketubah.

Prints & Ships from Israel
4 weeks for Personalization Preferred

Shipping: $35

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