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Ani L'Dodi Blue Frame Papercut Ketubah, by Danny Azoulay

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Size: 20 1/2" x 15 1/4"
Medium: Giclee

A beautiful papercut Ketubah by Danny Azoulay:
Thou art a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters and flowing streams The beauty of both letter and word, and the poetry of love are celebrated in the Ani L’ Dodi Li ( I Am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine) Ketubah. The art work, an exquisite tour de force in its rendering of Song of Songs 4, mimics the exquisite use of words which express a groom’s adoration of his bride.

The lovely background of pastels and vivid blue hues compliments the cut and contributes to the ketubah’s strong visual expression of the joy of the new couple. Giclee, paper cut, platinum leaf May be ordered with or without background

Easy Personalization
Made and Ships from Israel
4 weeks for Personalization Preferred


Shipping: $35

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