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Jewish Dream Book, by Vanessa L. Ochs

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This engaging, entertaining, and informative bedside companion will help you open up your dreams and discover the meanings they may hold for you. The Jewish Dream Book invites you to integrate the spiritual wisdom of Judaism's past into your life today by honoring your dreams and striving to uncover their hidden messages. Exploring the Bible, Talmud, and other ancient sources, it will introduce you to inspiring, easy-to-use rituals and practices. Included are diverse topics covering everything you've ever wondered about dreams and dreaming: Uniquely Jewish ways to bless and honor your dreams Transforming a bad dream into a good one How-and why-to keep a dream journal How to encourage enlightening, productive, and healing dreams Guidelines for being a dream interpreter Historical dream interpretations Dream symbols and their meanings How to link your dreams to Torah Your dreaming hours are about to become much more interesting! Paperback, 128 pages, isbn 9781580231322

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