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Littlest Mountain, by Barb Rosenstock

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In softly washed pastel pages, Rosenstock retells the midrash (story) of why Mount Sinai was chosen by God as the site for the presentation of the Ten Commandments to the Israelites. In Rosenstock's hands, the story takes on a homey, folktale feel. Each mountain boasts of its attributes, except for small and rocky Sinai who recognizes that it is unattractive compared to beautiful Mount Carmel and flower-adorned Mount Gilboa, and less impressive than sturdy Mount Tabor. As the more prestigious mountains battle among themselves, just as boastful human beings might, humble Mount Sinai puts faith in God to make the right decision and thus its faith is justified when God bestows the honor of making Sinai the location for the gift to the Israelite people. The story is so simply told that it is basic enough for a pre-school audience. There is room to discuss why the bigger and showier mountains lost out to self-effacing Sinai, and how God validated Sinai's trust. Hall's pictures are large enough for a small story circle, but best for one-on-one sharing. This will be an excellent selection to share with children for Shavuot. Paperback, 32 pages, isbn 9780761344971

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