The Wedding Kiddush Cup marks the start of new life together, therefore couples these days usually buy a new Kiddush Cup that reflects their style.  The Wedding Kiddush Cup is a focal point under the Chuppah just like the Ketubah.

But the Wedding Kiddush Cup is your first Heirloom as a joined couple.  You drink your first Kiddush as a married couple with this cup.  All of your family and friends are watching this big moment of your first Kiddush.  And hereafter, this Wedding Kiddush Cup will be used at all holidays, and all simchas.  The Wedding Kiddush Cup is your new heirloom that will be passed down to your future generations.

You can use a family heirloom or your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Kiddush Cup but most couples opt to get a new Wedding Kiddush Cup since the cup from their Bar/Bat Mitzvah was usually silver plated and didn’t last and the family heirloom is usually borrowed.

So this is the perfect time to get that perfect Wedding Kiddush Cup that reflects your new life together.  There are all price ranges available but make sure that your Wedding Kiddush Cup will last the ages (please contact with any concerns and let us guide you).  There are all types of styles, textures, and mediums.

It is our pleasure to offer a great selection of Wedding Kiddush Cups, Your First Heirloom!  Mazel Tov!