Shabbat Candlesticks for your new home will help set the tone for your spiritual reflections.  Shabbat Candlesticks come in all sizes and styles by our great designers and artists.

Shabbat is regarded as a day of joy and holiness, a day of spiritual refreshment and peace.  This is a time that is set aside for family and friends.

Gary Rosenthal’s are a combination of brass and copper with his signature dichroic glass accents, and most can hold the Wedding Glass Shardz.  His contemporary designs complement a very elegant yet earthy taste.

Michael Aram Shabbat Candlesticks are sleek, elegant and modern. Made from high polished nickel plate, these Shabbat Candlesticks will look stunning with the matching Wedding Kiddush Cup.

Also, the ones made by Nambe are made from their signature alloy.  Clean lines and an elegant feel, make Nambe’s Shabbat Candlesticks perfect for a contemporary home.

Shabbat has been mentioned twice in Torah. Therefore two candles are lit. In most traditional home, one additional candle is added for each girl past Bat Mitzah, still living at home.

Although two Shabbat Candlesticks are lit each Shabbat, the light created is unified into one.  While the new couple are two distinct bodies, they are one soul.