Gary Rosenthal has been creating and sculpting metal with glass for over 40 years.

Rosenthal Kiddush Cups are among his best selling items. He creates his Kiddush Cups in verity of shapes and designs.

Rosenthal Kiddush Cup with two tone heart and tube, also known as Heart Shaped Wedding Kiddush Cup, is an excellent way of storing and displaying some of the broken shards from groom’s under Chuppah glass.

Gary Rosenthal Kiddush Cup with copper wrapped stem is embossed with a great texture.

His Spiral Kiddush Cup is made of steel holding a glass.  It is adorned with a colorful fused glass disk. Making it a very unique design.

Any of Gary Rosenthal Kiddush Cups would add a wonderfully contemporary look to your occasion.  Use Heart Shaped Wedding Kiddush Cup for your Jewish  wedding ceremony.

There are also Rosenthal Elijah Cup and Miriam Cup for your Passover table. Since the cups are made of clear glass, you can see the wine in the Elijah Cup and the water in Miriam Cup.