Meet Sara Beames glass artist. Sara Beames is one of our talented artists.  She is one of our glass designers that uses vibrant colors to bring her Judica alive.  Sara and her Husband Michael Beames started Beames Designs in 1990, in a studio adjacent to their home.  Sara is the driving force behind the glass designs, with a degree in Art from San Francisco State University and many years in the commercial art world, she has turned her passion for glass into a joyous livelihood.  Her work has received three Niche Award Nominations. features Sara Beames’ her beautiful Chuppah Wedding Glass that can be later turned into a mezuzah or menorah or many other choices.  Sara’s Chuppah Wedding Glasses are easy to break and come in their own lovely bags. features several of her artwork that will hold the broken shardz from the wedding.  The Tree of Life Wedding Menorah by Sara Beames is especially lovely for the broken glass.
Sara Beames has a stunning line of Wedding Kiddush Cups that feature dichroic glass, handcrafted and exquisitely crafted for that perfect day and there after, to create lasting memories.  Vibrant colors and unique designs, Sara Beames is known for her quality and modern and contemporary Judaica that are meant to become heirlooms.