Ketubahs come in different designs and texts. Modern, contemporary or traditional. They can be round, square or rectangular.

Ketubahs are offered in many text choices. Orthodox, Conservative, Modern, Interfaith, Humanist and Same Sex. They can be in Hebrew, English, Spanish French, Russian or, combination of different languages.

Ketubahs can be Lithographs, Giclee, Canvas or Papercut and Lasercut.

Lithograph Ketubahs are usually pre-printed. These prints are ready to be shipped to clients, with or without personalization.

Giclee Ketubahs are usually saved as a program which are then printed as an order is placed. It is easy to make changes to Giclee prints texts before it is finalized. They are printed on acid free paper made of cotton or rag.

Canvas Ketubahs are same as Giclee process, but they are printed on  canvas. They are also acid free lifetime archival.

Depending on the artist, papercut Ketubahs can be  Lithograph or Giclee. Most papercut prints are two piece sets.

We work with over eighty Ketubah artists throughout United States, Israel and Canada.

We at offer over eight hundred design choices. No matter what your tastes are, you can easily find the Ketubah of your dream at

We are dedicated to help couples find the right ketubah and text for their wedding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.