On a Budget?  We can keep you within your range easy, our budget ketubahs start at $65 and up.

There are more than twenty four designs of under $100 Budget Ketubahs to choose from.  We also will run specials and have sales to honor our commitment to have a great selection of Budget Ketubahs and Discount Ketubahs.

Let’s face it, weddings seem endless when it comes to how much everything costs.  That is why we have come up with Budget Ketubahs and Discount Ketubahs.  We work with our artists on a regular basis to make sure that we offer a great selection of Ketubahs that fit into everyone’s budget.  And that is why we are committed to offer Budget and Discount Ketubahs.

A Budget Ketubah or Discount Ketubah is not a sacrifice of quality or design.  All of our Budget and Discount Ketubah artists use archival 100% cotton paper to start.  To create a Budget Ketubah, some of our artists will use a smaller design, meaning that the dimensions of the overall Ketubah is a bit smaller.  We do not believe in sacrificing quality, therefore, a Budget Ketubah or Discount Ketubah has to be the same great quality. And it is our goal to keep you in your budget.