Here it comes the moment we all have been waiting for, Breaking of the  Glass, Mazel Tov!

For some couples this moment can have a lot of anxiety attached to it.  They fear they will not break the Chuppah Wedding Glass or Stomp Glass on the first try, or will it shoot across the floor.

We have seen and heard all kinds of stories over the years.  But we tell our clients not to fear, our artists have taken any issue out of this iconic moment. Breaking the Glass is also referred to as Chuppah Wedding Glass, Stomp Glass, Groom’s Glass, and Mazel Tov Glass.

Our artists design easy to break, beautiful glass vessels that come with their own lovely bags.  After the wedding, the broken glass can be turned into wonderful keepsakes like a mezuzah, menorah,  picture frame, vase, or even a lucite cube with your name a date inscribed.

Many people regard the custom as rooted in the superstitions of the Middle Ages, when shattering of a glass was said to ward off evil spirits.  A most common interpretation is that the shattering of a Chuppah Wedding Glass or Stomp Glass reminds us of the destruction of the Temple-that even in our moments of greatest joy, we remember the sadness and lack of wholeness in the world.

The Chuppah Wedding Glass or Stomp Glass is not only a reminder of sorrow, but also an expression of hope for a future free from all violence.

A broken glass cannot be mended, it is a transforming experience that leaves individuals forever changed.  The fragility of glass also suggests the frailty of human relationships, even the strongest love is subject to disintegration.  In this context, the glass is broken to “protect” the marriage with an implied prayer, “As this glass shatters, so may our marriage never break”.

We offer Chuppah Glass by Shardz, Mark Rosenbaum, Sara Beames and Gary Rosenthal.