Amy Fagin the Ketubah artist created 20th Century Illuminations in 1985.

“The illuminated manuscript as contemporary art” is the underlying principal and framework which inspires all creative material designed by 20th Century Illuminations.

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Today, there are a handful of artists who have revived and practice the traditional methods of medieval manuscript illumination with the accompanying alchemy of ancient recipes. And, there are a handful of artists who continue the practice of the beloved traditional art of the illuminated ketubah, an art form with its earliest examples some 3000 years old. The ketubah is truly unique as an example of an unbroken form of the traditional art of manuscript illumination which has been continuously practiced since its origins some 3000 years ago.

Amy Fagin Ketubah artist body of work explores and re-defines the fundamentals of manuscript illumination as a thoroughly contemporary art form. Ms Fagin’s ketubot are challenging fine art objects and are proud to be part of collections worldwide.
Her signature compositions draw on world art history to inform her compositions. The emerging series “Beyond Genocide” is an outstanding and original contribution to the history of manuscript illumination which addresses the timely     and universal issue of genocide for all people.
Amy Fagin is one of the top selling Ketubah artists. One Heart Ketubah, Embrace Ketubah, and Adagio Ketubah to mention a few.
Amy Fagin is more than a Ketubah arist.  20th Century Illuminations studio has observed the strictest standards with regards to sustainability from its beginning in 1985. She is also member of the Forest Stewardship Council in the Northeast Environmental Chamber.  Ocean Conservancy.