What are Lithograph and Giclee prints?


Lithograph Ketubah: Most artists choose this time-tested and widely used method of fine art reproduction for their work. Almost all are limited editions. A predetermined number of each design and text are printed and when they are sell out, they are no longer available. They are printed on beautiful, acid-free art paper of the artists' […]



Ketubahs come in different designs and texts. Modern, contemporary or traditional. They can be round, square or rectangular. Ketubahs are offered in many text choices. Orthodox, Conservative, Modern, Interfaith, Humanist and Same Sex. They can be in Hebrew, English, Spanish French, Russian or, combination of different languages. Ketubahs can be Lithographs, Giclee, Canvas or Papercut […]

Meet Sara Beames Glass Artist


Meet Sara Beames glass artist. Sara Beames is one of our talented artists.  She is one of our glass designers that uses vibrant colors to bring her Judica alive.  Sara and her Husband Michael Beames started Beames Designs in 1990, in a studio adjacent to their home.  Sara is the driving force behind the glass designs, […]

Breaking of the Glass, Mazel Tov!


Here it comes the moment we all have been waiting for, Breaking of the  Glass, Mazel Tov! For some couples this moment can have a lot of anxiety attached to it.  They fear they will not break the Chuppah Wedding Glass or Stomp Glass on the first try, or will it shoot across the floor. […]

Shabbat Candlesticks for Your New Home


Shabbat Candlesticks for your new home will help set the tone for your spiritual reflections.  Shabbat Candlesticks come in all sizes and styles by our great designers and artists. Shabbat is regarded as a day of joy and holiness, a day of spiritual refreshment and peace.  This is a time that is set aside for […]

Amy Fagin Ketubah Artist


Amy Fagin the Ketubah artist created 20th Century Illuminations in 1985. “The illuminated manuscript as contemporary art” is the underlying principal and framework which inspires all creative material designed by 20th Century Illuminations. Ketubah by Amy Fagin | Contemporary Ketubah | Bar and Bat Mitzvah Certificates | Home Blessing Art | About The Artist Today, […]

Rosenthal Kiddush Cup


Gary Rosenthal has been creating and sculpting metal with glass for over 40 years. Rosenthal Kiddush Cups are among his best selling items. He creates his Kiddush Cups in verity of shapes and designs. Rosenthal Kiddush Cup with two tone heart and tube, also known as Heart Shaped Wedding Kiddush Cup, is an excellent way of […]

Wedding Kiddush Cup


The Wedding Kiddush Cup marks the start of new life together, therefore couples these days usually buy a new Kiddush Cup that reflects their style.  The Wedding Kiddush Cup is a focal point under the Chuppah just like the Ketubah. But the Wedding Kiddush Cup is your first Heirloom as a joined couple.  You drink […]

Budget Ketubahs


On a Budget?  We can keep you within your range easy, our budget ketubahs start at $65 and up. There are more than twenty four designs of under $100 Budget Ketubahs to choose from.  We also will run specials and have sales to honor our commitment to have a great selection of Budget Ketubahs and […]